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Status update on Simkl and Skype API – Simkl still works!

January 30th, 2014 • SimklSkype

Simkl still works with Skype without any problems and will continue to work in the near future.

This is a quick status update on last year message in Skype that it will be shutting down API.

You may still see a small popup in Skype about API while using Simkl for the first time which is incorrect. A link in this popup will open a Skype blog post which contains this message:
“As communicated in this blog post, due to technology improvements we are making to the Skype experience, some features of the API will stop working with Skype for desktop. For example, delivery of chat messages using the API will cease to work. However, we will be extending support for two of the most widely used features – call recording and compatibility with hardware devices – until we determine alternative options or retire the current solution.”

So as noted in the last message of the paragraph Skype has extended it’s API functionality for Simkl and you can continue to use Simkl IM Chat & Voice recorder to record all your Skype calls.

Simkl continues to support Skype recording functionality and providing one of a kind Premium Cloud Storage solution for all your Skype conversations. Please visit our download page at to download a working Skype recorder.

Best regards, Simkl Team

Skype shows a warning: API – We want to let you know that your Simkl.exe application will stop working with Skype, starting in December 2013

October 16th, 2013 • AnnouncementsSimklSkype

Important: Skype 6.9 and higher will show a warning message when you start Skype that Simkl will stop working in December 2013. This decision has been reverted by Microsoft/Skype. Simkl will continue to work after December 2013!

When you upgrade to Skype 6.9, you will be seeing a message in Skype letting you know that Skype will stop 3rd party applications to access Skype.

Skype have announced that they will remove the Desktop API from Skype for Windows Desktop, Skype for Mac and Skype for Linux. In addition they have announced the decommissioning of SkypeKit, a tookit with which Skype was integrated into hardware devices such as TVs.

The removal of the API will render all Skype add-on products useless. This includes Simkl Recorder for Skype, various hardware products and the majority of other applications. As you can understand, we are not at all happy about this.

As of Skype 6.11 the Desktop API will be physically removed from the Skype application. Add-on products like Simkl will not be able to communicate with Skype anymore. This affects all add-on products built for Skype!

For the time being we recommend to downgrade back to Skype 6.8 until we see how this plays out. Download from here. Important notice: after installing Skype 6.8, disable the automatic update function in Skype (Tools > Options > Advanced > Automatic updates).

We are particularly shocked about this because of the short notice given to Skype users and the fact that Skype is not providing any replacement/successor interface model which will allow us and other developers to further provide the functionality you are enjoying today.

Please consider to sign a petition over at (and don’t forget to share it too).


UPDATE: A new statement from Skype informs that products providing call recording will continue to work beyond December 2013, until further notice. Further information on the Skype Blog.

To be safe, for the time being we recommend to downgrade back to Skype 6.8 until we see how this plays out. Download from here. Important notice: after installing Skype 6.8, disable the automatic update function in Skype (Tools > Options > Advanced > Automatic updates). More information how to stop automatic updates can be read here.

We will update this article as we have more information. For now rest assured that Simkl will continue to be operational and able to record Skype, just by using the older version of Skype.

Important changes in the IP address for the ICQ proxy server

July 3rd, 2013 • AnnouncementsICQSimkl

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Dear customers, we inform you of important changes to Simkl, which come into force between now and after July 31, 2013. The changes affected only the IP address of the proxy server that is used for ICQ recorder. This is the first change of IP since 2007 and we apologize if this will cause you any inconvenience. For most users, these changes will happen automatically.

1. We already made the change of IP proxy servers for ICQ. New IP for the proxy servers are following: = (recommended for ICQ 6-8 with a password that you can find in your instruction manual, SOCKS5 proxy server, ports 3128, 80, 443), = = (recommended for QIP and mobile devices, ICQ login server, any port, including 5190)

If you never entered the IP address numbers anywhere, you do not need to worry, all changes are automatically changed for you.

2. The old IP will work to keep saving the history and will continue to work during the next 30 days, after which they will be disconnected and the ICQ chat history will stop recording through those old IPs.

3. If you have downloaded and installed .bat file, you will need to re-download it in and run on a computer with which you want to preserve the history of ICQ.

If you experience any difficulties with your account, or you have further questions related to the change of IP address, be sure to tell us by contacting our support department at

Sincerely Simkl Team


Now You Can Log in to Simkl with Facebook

March 12th, 2013 • AnnouncementsSimkl

We’ve added the option to sign in to Simkl with a Facebook account in an effort to make Simkl’s site more accessible and easy to use.

We wanted to simplify the process of signing up and logging in – so now you can use your facebook account to do both.

Lastly, if you haven’t dropped by our facebook page please have a look. It is a great way to keep up to date.


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