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Simkl Releases a Skype Recording Tool to Save Voice & Chat History Online.

October 28th, 2010 • AnnouncementsSimklSkype

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Simkl, a provider of innovative, web-based services and software products, has announced the release of their new IM Chat & Voice Recorder (IM CVR – ) tool that allows the user to archive Skype voice and chat history online. As an add-on for Skype, it allows the user to record Skype calls and text conversations from Skype to secure Simkl servers automatically.
The IM CVR software can record all voice communication including Skype-to-Skype, SkypeOut, SkypeIn, group calls, and video calls. It can also record all text communication including group chats. The recordings are stored on the Simkl servers for permanent backup under the user’s account. Users then are able to view their chat history and listen to recorded calls on the website using their personal login.

IM CVR users will enjoy the following benefits when they install this easy to use recording product:
• Ease of Use – Simply create a Simkl account and install the IM CVR product. One click on the IM CVR icon provides the user with instant access to all of their online conversation history. And the address couldn’t be easier to remember. The icon can be rendered invisible to avoid desktop clutter. IM CVR also supports full text searches of the chat history.
• Global Access – The user can view their history from any computer regardless of location. Conversations conducted on multiple computers can be recorded to one account through a combined chat log with all duplicate entries removed.
• Create Podcasts – Simkl IM CVR can record Skype calls locally, directly to an MP3 format in addition to creating an online history.
• Backup of IM Contacts and Conversations – A backup can be a valuable resource in the event of PC crashes or forgotten passwords. The IM CVR backup allows users to use the Simkl WAP interface to retrieve contacts using a web browser or a mobile device.
• Secure Auto Log In – Simkl IM CVR stores usernames and passwords for auto log in on the user’s device using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Business users will find that the IM CVR tool provides a substantial amount of value to their operation. Conference call recording can provide a valuable documentation tool in the event that any one’s memory of detailed negotiations proves troublesome at any point in the future. Conference calls can be automatically saved and stored on the Simkl secure servers. For ease of use, call recording automatically starts and stops without user intervention.

New: Statistics in Promo Manager

March 25th, 2010 • AnnouncementsSimkl

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We’ve added Statistics to Promo Manager. Full stats on Where your message is posted and Who received your promotional code.

Simkl launches Promo Manager – a tool for promoting startups and online shops.

March 11th, 2010 • AnnouncementsSimklVideos

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March 11, 2010 – New York, USA

Simkl today released Promo Manager, a FREE service for promoting your Website, Startup or Online Shop on Twitter and Blogs in exchange for giving away Invitation codes and Promo codes (Coupon codes, Vouchers, etc…) to your users.

If you have something that people want (a Coupon code, Invitation code, some content hidden behind a secret URL, etc…), you can exchange it for a post on user’s Blog or Twitter account using Simkl Promo Manager. Simply add your promo codes to Simkl Promo Manager, enter what you want users to Tweet. Simkl will create a special page for your promo code or Invitation code which you can give to your users. Here’s a demo:

Simkl will automatically post your message to user’s Twitter account or Blog, then it will check the post and will give the user his Promo code, Invitation code, URL, or whatever you choose.

Why distribute Invitation codes through Simkl?

  • When you have a closed registration and people can register only with invitation code, you get a lot of requests asking for the invitation. Using Simkl Promo Manager you can give out Invitation codes automatically only to those people, who are really interested in your service, and who are ready to promote your service. Those are the people to whom you really want to give Invitation codes.
  • Automatically detect and invite enthusiasts who are ready for small bugs on your new startup.

Why distribute coupons/vouchers using Simkl?

  • To encourage people Tweet & Blog about you
  • To increase your customer base
  • To increase customer loyalty
  • To encourage sales (e.g. of excess inventory)
  • To increase brand awareness
  • To reward existing customers
  • To showcase new products and/or services
  • To remind customers of seasonal purchases
  • To drive traffic to a company’s website


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New feature: Interactive Full Text Search

January 11th, 2008 • AnnouncementsSimkl

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_r2_c21.jpgToday we have added our most significant new feature that not only works well, but also looks amazing. We introduce you our next web 2.0 feature – Interactive Full Text Search. We encourage everyone to try it and see how it works at

We’ve been developing different solutions for searching in a browser through large history logs and finally made a search that looks user friendly and at the same time it helps you to search even faster than conventional search methods (we’ve actually tested the speed of search in logs on a panel of users).

Besides Interactive Full Text Search in this release we have also made changes to page navigation and fixed some minor bugs.


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